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Leverage Large Language Models (LLMs) and NuMind's Interactive AI Development paradigm to quickly create, on your machine, high-quality text-understanding models tailored to your needs.

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Automate sentiment analysis, topic identification, information extraction, and plenty of other text-understanding tasks.

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Text Labeling

Annotate the documents that matter faster than in any text annotation tool thanks to effective pre-annotation and active learning.

Data Entry

Simplify data entry by quickly and accurately placing important information in the right fields, reducing errors and increasing efficiency.

Sentiment Analysis

Understand your customers feedbacks by analyzing the sentiment of their messages.

Customer Support Routing

Automatically identify the topic, intent, and sentiment of your customers messages to efficiently address their requests.

Content moderation

Instantly detect harmful, offensive, and other kind of toxic messages to improve user experience.

Topic Identification

Create arbitrary topic classification models to understand or automatically process documents.

Entity Recognition

Detect any kind of custom entity to automatically, search, parse, or transform your documents.

Document Analysis

Automatically extract relevant information from your documents to fill up your database with structured data.


Analyze the content of documents pairs (e.g. job listings and resumes) to find which ones are the best match.

Specialized Search

Process your documents with custom classification and custom entity detection to extract their meaning and make them better searchable.

Background Check

Implement custom KYB and KYC solutions that automatically analyze customers/businesses online information to flag potential issues.


Identify and transform the privacy-sensitive parts of your documents in order to send them externally.

News Analysis

Automatically analyze news reports as soon as they are published to take immediate actions.

Rely on Solid NLP Research

NuMind combines the latest innovation in the field of NLP with in-house academic research

NuMind partners with the renowned Laboratory of Formal Linguistics (LLF), a joint research unit under the dual supervision of the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) and the University of Paris Cité.
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LLF researchers investigate the cognitive system of the language in its entirety, through the analysis of the traditional items of language – word, phrase, the utterance or the discourse – in a wide range of different languages.
Combined with NuMind's innovation, LLF's recognized excellence in fundamental research on NLP is your strongest assurance to use the best NLP tool on the market.

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Large Language Models

Drastically reduce the amount of labels necessary by building on top of large language models.

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Analyze large volumes of data using topic modeling to understand, extract themes, and categorize documents effectively.

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Active Learning

Speed-up labeling by letting the model identify the most informative documents.